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Apple Rejects ‘South Park’ iPhone Application

Friday , February 20, 2009

A “South Park” iPhone app has been rejected by Apple because of “potentially offensive” content, South Park Studios said in a posting on its Web site.

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Yahoo Promises iPhone-Like Web Experience for All Smartphone Users

Yahoo is offering a new mobile service that promises to deliver an iPhone-like Web experience on any number of smartphones. Yahoo Mobile is scheduled for release in March and the software is available to any phone equipped with a Web browser. Yahoo is working with RIM, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Microsoft.

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California Casinos to Nevada Casinos: Beware of Card Counting iPhone Apps

blackjack.jpg As the iPhone commercial says, “there’s an app for just about anything.” Want to get bruised up by security guards in a dark room behind a casino for counting cards? Yup there’s an app for that. Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, “California gaming authorities tipped off their Nevada counterparts to a blackjack card-counting program that can be used on either the Apple iPhone or the Apple iPod Touch portable music player.” Counting cards is not illegal in Nevada casinos (just ask these guys) but using a device like an iPhone app to help count cards is considered a felony. The cleverly titled “Blackjack Card Counter” app is still available in the iPhone App store for $3.99.

Photo by FlyGuy92586 via flickr

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