Study finds suppressing emotions can hurt

I have heard the same thing through so many articles and books.  One of the most basic techniques to manage emotional mind is by handling the emotion that needs venting.  The process is easier to talk about than actually put into practice.  I have found it necessary to build one's lifestyle around this principle.  I don't think everyone has enough control over their environment to control the internal emotional flow but is essential to a healthy and productive life both for a person, the community and the organization if any.  The emotions ought to be let out constantly and the level of emotional pressure has to be maintained at the healthy level.  I wonder what percentage of the population of this planet can have such lifestyles.
July 25, 2009

EUGENE, Ore., Jul 25, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) — Emotional suppression may cost college freshmen friendships, a co-author of a University of Oregon at Eugene study said Saturday.

"Hiding your emotions is something that is very common but it's something that often is not the right thing to do," Sanjay Srivastava said. "We're not saying never ever do this, but doing it may have negative effects in certain contexts, such as in transitioning into college."

Srivastava, a professor of psychology, said in a press release from the university that suppressing emotions in a new or difficult situation is understandable and may be appropriate, but carrying it too far may result in difficulty trusting and being trusted by others.

The study looked at 278 college freshmen who filled out weekly diaries with data on support received from parents and friends, their closeness with others and social and academic satisfaction. When the term ended, the participants addressed the same topics and the researchers spoke to their friends to determine how they were faring during their first term.

"People who were hiding or masking their emotions were having more difficult times forming close, meaningful, supportive and satisfying relationships," Srivastava said.

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