WrittenbyCush Edition Four – July 17 to July 24, 2009

This edition probably will not show the underlying changes I am making but they are taking place.  I am still doing book reviews and critical writing based on worthy articles but also increasing the number.  My choice articles are becoming clearer as a group and over the next few editions should appear as a permanent line of thinking.  I find it hard to rewrite because the volume of the articles is increasing and the ideas are somewhere in the mess.

The book reviews are few.  

I read more books obviously and some always appear in my video and my photo blogs.  I have also made a new blog to collect copies of all my posts.  World of Cush may be the best place to find all of my book reviews in one spot.  My reviews blog also makes an attempt to keep a copy of each.  Starting Your Consulting Business is a very introduction to this vocation.  The Transormation of Cities was a good book but more of a theory text than what I had expected and not as useful as accurate.    How Your Brain Deceives is a great book to read for some of us.  I found it difficult to read mostly because of the style of writing and that I sometimes have a difficult time fast reading works by female authors.  The male writing style usually is straightforward and gets to the point.  The female writing complicates ideas while describing them.  I cannot read slow or re-read because the text is not in my field or that interesting of a read.

The articles are a good bunch for this edition.  Wine and psychology dominate and the articles are better than average.  

I am neither a left nor right brain person and the test given failed me by casting me as left brain.  The descriptions given for dedicated left brain person hardly make any sense if you know me.  Racism can be eliminated according to some and I agree but what is most interesting is the broad definition the article provides for racism.  I really like that viewpoint.  Mine has been weak and not productive.  Social security numbers cannot be protected online which I think is a much bigger problem than most people realize.  I have practiced negative thinking as a practical mean and agree with the article that it can work in some situations.  Beautiful people are now scientifically smarter based on how good looking.  and finally Francis Ford Coppola tells us all.  

I wrote a definition piece of what a sommelier is and no debate exists over the definition but I am confident the profession is misunderstood at least in the US.  The wine business has a chance to learn from the wine drinkers and will not listen as usual.  World's largest appellation comes into existence and amazes us.  I thought the whole point of an appellation was to attempt some control.  The word appellation should show preference for small to achieve more control.  Large appellation should be an oxymoron.  And the $1 million wine book has arrived.  That should give a good idea of the different levels of people involved in the wine business.  It is not just about wine as a drink.  Wine critics are born and made but the article reminds me of a good friend who cannot taste and proves a great theoretical point.  

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