40 Things Every Wine Lover Should Do


A big list of popular things only average winedrinker would show interest in but not an ordinary list.  The 40 can be quite interesting because of the nature of the relationship folks have with wine.  Wine is many things and a beverage is only one of them.  The identity has at least one other dimension beyond an agricultural product which is sensed by most winedrinkers.  And it is not alcohol or the great taste, richness and the like.  I would not go far enough to call it spiritual but someone can define it as vague but meaningful somewhere in those realms of thought and feeling.  And it is not magical either.  One has to experience it and that experience is extremely personal and dependent on time, place, food, people, noise and who knows what else.  A good list of 40 ought to capture some of the things folk do with wine directly related to this dimension.  I hope.


Have you ever made love in a vineyard or drunk a first growth from a plastic cup in a dodgy motel?

For this month's issue of Decanter, Margaret Rand has travelled the world to compile a checklist of the 40 thingsevery wine lover should do. 

According to Rand, being a wine lover isn't about vintages, prices and rarity, it should be more fun that. 

'It's to be measured in bad bottles as well as good ones; in dropped glasses, in grape skins under the fingernails, in journeys and memories,' she says. 

Among her list of must-dos are to drink wine from your birth year, take a wine tour on a two-humped camel in McLaren Vale and sabre a bottle of Champagne – for this you need a good backhand, a sabre and Rand suggests trying it at someone else's house the first time. 

The fitness fanatics among you may want to run the Médoc marathon, which has many wine and oyster stops en route or why not get your hands, well your feet, dirty treading Port grapes in a lagar? 

From the simple, like learning to decant, to the sublime, such as drinking Madeira from the time period Marie Antoinette was on the throne of France, make sure you try at least one of Decanter's 40 Things Every Lover Should Do.


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