Michelle Obama Visits San Francisco Monday


Is America a racist country? I would not know.  The way life in America is set up things are changed every few years and everything discarded.  Whatever is has to go and replaced with new.  This is due to several reasons and one being if you keep them around people begin to figure out things are not as rosy as people think they are.  One of the things that are discarded or possibly recycled to some extent are people.  Americans get systematically discarded like garbage.  That is how America is and what is good for it.  Now, we have generation Y here.  The many young folks taking over.  They hate the establishment and the previous generations.  They want this and that.  They think this and that.  Does it matter? Yes it does.  Baby Boomers are out.  They are retiring fast.  They had the easy life.  Generation X is still getting screwed.  That is my generation.  It used to be people would strive to get a good job and stay there till the gold watch came.  Life had a lot of certainty.  Then the new economy arrived and I was taught in college to expect 6 to 8 careers throughout my lifetime.  That is careers and not jobs.  I thought they were kidding and I would make it with one or maybe two.  They did to everyone.  The worst thing today to consider is my generation had 45 million and was fairly small.  The generation Y has 100 million.  That means we are out of everything except unemployment and crime to arrive as boomers move out and Y move in.  Manufacturing is due back in the US since enough people are around to work for whatever.  One of things that has not been discarded and will not be is racism.  Every few years, racism gets a new update also.  The times change and its has to adjust to the spirit of the times to survive.  It is a great institution invented by the British in 19th century I am told.  We have to cherish it as long as we can.  Everytime the American society gets updated, the truly American things are reintegrated back into the social stream to preserve.  Afterall they make this country America.  And what would become of it without them.  Everyone agrees the old racist conducts are not in anymore.  How do they do it now?  How did they do it when my generation was around? Things got very subtle when Generation X was around.  Racism was not overt and in the face any more.  Apologies were in anytime something happened wrong.  Implied and hidden racism was the way for generation X era.  Just watch 9 years of X-files as one of the most racist TV programs around. Each episode has a plot with an implied but very racist angle.  Hard to tell? That is the updated racism from the 60s and 70s and 80s.  Follow the movies of Kate Blanchard and you can see it clearer.  A strong belief shows in the themes and stories of each artifact (as we called movies in college) and though it is not easy to see a pattern you will get lucky with her career.  Subtle is the world.  And how does racism live in the American hearts and lives? Generation Y is new but is getting there.  They will form their own system and will not be invisible.  San Francisco claims so many noble things yet has so many terrible faults we are not to speak of.  Look at the picture of Michelle Obama appearing in SFist.  That is the San Francisco welcome to her.  I wonder how they do it in the parts of this great country that are not so noble and democratic-minded as San Franciscans.  San Francisco is no different than the worst of them but pretends to be different.  Everything from the corrupt City Hall run by an arrogant criminal (yet-not-convicted) to the widespread state of degeneration that gives the city its San Francisco flavor is as bad as the worst of them.  San Francisco is as racist a city as any other American city but has its own way of doing things.  It is the San Francisco way.  Big welcome to Michelle Obama.


from SF SFist by Brock Keeling


Kicking off the United We Serve summer service initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as a gaggle of Cabinet secretaries and senior administration officials, will visit San Francisco on Monday to promote volunteering. And while her do-gooding event in San Francisco is closed off to the public and press — along withKaBOOM!, she will help construct a public playground at Bret Harte Public Elementary School — you can still lend your time and effort to a needy cause, one that won't involve getting frisked by secret service agents. Check out All for Good to find out more about different projects in the Bay Area that need a few good hands.

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