Advice From A Professional Eater to Manage Your Weight


The following advice should be very useful to anyone not only in the food but also beverage industries.  Trade wine tastings almost always come with lots of tasty but not healthy foods and eating is part of the culture of these trades.  I know how to drink properly so I can taste and have no side problems but food had never caught my attention.  I had to invent my own diet a few months ago to lose some weight I had gained.  I never noticed how quickly I gained the weight until I was buckling my belt at the last hole!  I had no idea how to lose the weight but succeeded.  That has left a good emotional mark that though I have always been a slim person can gain weight and losing it can be a very hard process.  I think a couple of the tips here will be handy for me and some should be for you also.


from Editor's Blog by Tanya Steel
I've been in food journalism for a long time and one of the questions I get is about my strategy for keeping the pounds off as much as possible. While I don't diet, I do watch what I eat, try to walk and climb stairs whenever possible, and always emphasize the positive aspects of my body while trying to camouflage the negative. However, there are a few secrets I've learned along the way that usually stop me from overeating. Here are my top five diet tips. Share yours with us in the comments section below: 1) Fill Up with Liquids: Before I eat, I drink at least 8 ounces of water, tea, or coffee so that my thirst is quenched and my stomach already feels a little full. 2) Pack in Fiber First: Just as I recommend in my Real Food for Healthy Kids family cookbook, starting a meal with raw veggies fills the tummy with fiber-rich foods that provide a feeling of fullness. Eating raw veggies also slows down the eating process, giving your stomach the 20 minutes it needs to signal the brain it's getting full. (If I have salad at a restaurant, I always order the dressing on the side.) 3) Three Bites Is Right: If I'm out at a restaurant, I generally only have a few bites of something, UNLESS I love the recipe, in which case I will eat the entire portion. Studies have shown after the third bite, your taste buds don't register the flavors as sharply so unless it's amazing, it's not worth the calories.Take the leftovers home. 4) Size Is Important: When I'm eating at home, I always use smaller plates, bowls, and utensils to fool my eye and stomach into thinking I'm eating a bigger portion than I am. Studies have shown that those given larger plates will fill them up with larger portions. And, small spoons make your ice cream last longer… 5) Know Your Weakness: My last name may be Steel but I am no Superwoman when it comes to resisting brownies, chocolate layer cake, and chocolate-peanut butter ice cream. So, I allow myself those treats occasionally and when I do, I try and be good for the rest of the day to balance out the calorie intake.


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