Tasting: Luis Moya, Importer Extraordinaire Presents Spain and Portugal at Ferry Wine Merchant


This event should be a good opportunity to get impressed by Spanish and Portugese wines.  Both countries make plenty of wines which is no proof of quality in any wineproducing country.  For example, Sicily is the largest wine producing region in Italy and wine quality is a new issue to them also.  These three areas have always produced mediocre wines in huge quantities for domestic consumption because wine is perceived as food and not a competition piece.  Therefore the indigenous grapes and primitive techniques served quite well since the locals were to drink the wines and the wines would not expect judgement by serious critics.  Why Spain, Portugal and Italy itself made such a turn to making top quality wines in the past decade? The answer may lie in the EU.  One giant economy requires everyone to pay their dues.  French and Italy have established export markets and it was time for Spain and Portugal to bring their wines up to a standard that can be marketable for export.  EU gave plenty of money to both to this end.  And that is great for everyone.  Italy holds the number one position for the imported wines to the US and the prices are definitely a reflection of Italy's marketing success.  Italian wines can be very expensive and French have never shied away from the high prices.  The reality of high prices because of the perceived worth of French (and Italian) wines and Euro exchange rates make Spain a great territory for good quality wines at very reasonable prices.  I have drank many wonderful Spanish wines that are nowhere as expensive as a similar wine of French or Italian production.  My experience with Portugese wines has been limited and I can only vouch for the value prices.  I have never been to Portugal but I have found that even people from Portual won't vouch for the quality of their wines.  They drink the red Vino Verde over there as acceptable wine and that says a lot about one's palate.  The Luis Moya tasting may be a great chance to see a different side of Spanish and Portugese wines and discover a new saving niche and eschew the overpriced French and Italian wines for everyday drinking.


Join us Wednesday, June 17th, from 4:30-7:30pm, when we welcome Luis Moya, Founder of Vinos Unico, to our Wine Bar. Vinos Unico means Unique Wines, and you will discover that not only the wines are unique. Luis is something of a character himself. He always arrives at our shop with an impish smile on his face when he presents wines for our consideration. There is a knowing look and a sense of anticipation, a bit of the cat that ate the canary attitude. He obviously loves wines and presents his current discoveries with such care and affection you would think they were his children. 

He cannot understand why wine has become a religion in many circles. "It needs to be drunk and enjoyed, appreciated! Why does it need a score?" Since many of his imports are tiny producers that never get reviewed or are lost in the ocean of wines discussed in the wine magazines, Luis decided to take matters into his own hands. In order to satisfy the buyers that absolutely needed a number he came up with the Vinos Unico staff scoring system. His staff consists of one person, Luis. He believes all of his wines are delicious, unique, typical of their region of origin, and are great values, so they all get a perfect score: 100 points! Put that on your shelf talker you score hounds. 

All kidding aside, Luis continually brings us delicious wines that are pure in flavor, true to the grape type and region, and are incredibly well-priced. Spain and Portugal are in the midst of a winemaking revolution, with young talents taking their wines to the next level of quality with every step. Luis has his fingers on the pulse of these dynamic regions. We look forward to each and every visit. Please join us for this exciting evening that promises to be loads of fun with Luis running the show. We think you will have as much fun tasting through this array of his personally selected wines as we do when he makes his monthly sales call. 

Come taste some truly remarkable wines that are distinctive in their purity, delicious in flavor, and represent wonderful value. We relish the opportunity to showcase Luis Moya at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant to enlighten and entertain us with his brilliant line up of wonderful wines and his sparkling personality.

The featured wines are served as two ounce glasses. If you find a favorite, they are also offered as full glasses. The wines will be available for retail sales as well while supplies last….

The cost of the flight will be $15 and will include the following wines:

2008 Ferreira "Soalheiro" Alvarinho Vinho Verde, Portugal 
(retail: $22, 5oz. glass $8.75) 

2008 Abad dom Bueno Godello, Bierzo, Spain
(retail: $20, 5oz. glass $8.25) 

2007 Ochoa Tinto Tempranillo/Garnacha, Navarra, Spain
(retail: $13, 5oz. glass $6.50) 

2001 Arviza Rioja Crianza, Spain
(retail: $23, 5oz. glass $9) 

2005 Herdade dos Grous Tinto, Alentejano, Portugal
(retail: $24, 5oz. glass $9.25) 

Hope to see you all there! 
Debbie, Peter, Bo and the entire FPWM team.


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