Proper Wine Temperature for Serving


This article has very basic information but the topic is very valid.  The temperature the wine is served has an incredible effect on the taste and the experience of the wine.  California wine drinkers tend to eschew whatever comes across as "tradition" from Old World cultures in favor of the New World tendencies:  Wrong temperature is the way to go when drinking California wine.  White wines are served extremely cold and guests would object if temperature is right!  Red wines can be served too warm and nobody notices!  Afterall, reds are to be drank at "room temperature."  Except the people who invented (or popularized) room temperature were referring to the cellar temperature (about 50) and not typical dining rooms.  Anyway, who is going to listen?  There is no accounting for taste or temperature.


Tip of the Day: Find the proper temperature for serving wine and learn about wine cellars

Proper Wine Servng TemperaturesI was at a wine dinner last night where we drank a variety of French red wines. Given the wide range of grapes in the 10 wines—primarily Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, with some Carignan and even a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir—and the somewhat warm, humid evening, I was wondering about the proper serving temperatures for the wines. Should we give some a bit of a chill? Do we need to decant any?

There are no hard-and-fast rules associated with proper serving temperature. As we note in "How to Serve Wine,"optimal pouring temperatures vary by wine type and characteristics. The body of wine plays as big of a role if not more of one in determining serving temperature.

Use the chart below as a guide, and visit our wine page to find ratings and recommendations (available tosubscribers) of good-value reds and whites.—Steven H. Saltzman | e-mail | Twitter | Forums | Facebook

Essential information: Read about wine cellars/chillers and corkscrews.

 Proper Serving Temperature of Wine


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