Check This MID


This reminds me of the keyboard I used for my old Palm m515.  They keyboard was exactly the same design and size and Palm would plug right on top.  This makes more sense than the netbook to me.  The next post from Endgaget is not so promising about the arrival of this device this year.


from Engadget by Joseph L. Flatley

Sure, this isn't the sexiest MID render we've ever seen, but it does make for a fun little video. Cambridge Technology Development, known around MIT and environs for fluidic device design, CFD analysis, and a number of other things we know less than nothing about, have designed a collapsible, pocketable PC that they call the Dragonfly. This bad boy can take the form of a flip phone, a straight-up netbook, or it can lay flat, in "table mode," ideal for pen and touch input. Of course, this isn't a real device — and there's no telling when or if it'll become available. But when it does, how about floating us a review unit? Check 'er out yourself after the break.

Continue reading Video: CTD's MID concept fits comfortably in freakishly large pockets


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