Anyone for “open networking?”


I happened to write an email to a friend who sells German wines.  Then I thought the concept I explained maybe of use to many others.  I also happen to be lazy to write a blog post so here is the letter.  Good luck
Pierre….Gut evening 
I created this second profile to keep track of people I come across (such as wine sales people) whom I may see too many of. I also use it for experiments!!! Whom better to experiment on than wine sales folks??? Anyway. I discovered something called "open networking." I think the idea was based on an open relationship concept but basically how it works is 1. everyone of these people are solid professionals 2. they really like to network and will go out of their way to help other networkers get ahead. What this means to you is potential referrals. If you like to try it, join "TopLinkedIn" group and "Lions" group. And just follow the instructions. Top has a list out today and you get 1500 open networkers emails and follow the instructions to invite them. You should have about 1000 new contacts in your Linkedin soon. You may also make a second Linkedin profile to try open networking. Yes, some contacts are out of the country and lots of name collectors around but this will give your network a giant boast overall. Check it out. Stay with it and you will have a few thousand contacts soon.  If you don't get referrals, you can always sell them retail German wines by the bottle and ship it. Be very professional with your communications and respond to everyone. 
Ciao and Gut Lucken Sie


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