No Rose Blending in EU

Now, there will be more wine around that is of no use.  The idea of blending is actually a sound one.  Rose wines by nature of the process do not have many inherent qualities to be missed if they are made by blending red and wine.  The deal works for Champagne and though I (you probably can) can taste the blend of red and white in a good quality Champagne, the process works fine.  The market has too much wine produced and lots of low quality wines are out there that need to be sold one way or another.  I don't know about "nobility" of the original process.  It may work for very high end rose but most are not that noble.
Oliver Styles

The EU has announced it will drop plans to allow red and white wines to be blended to make rosé, agriculture minister Mariann Fischer Boel announced today.

The announcement comes after months of strong lobbying from wine-producing countries in Europe, including France and Italy.

Producers and lobbyists argued that allowing the blending of red and white wines to make rose – a method legal in New World wine countries and, ironically, Champagne – would destroy the 'nobility' of the more traditional method of maceration used in Europe. 

'It's become clear over recent weeks that a majority in our wine sector believe that ending the ban on blending could undermine the image of traditional rose,' said Fischer Boel. 'I am always prepared to listen to good arguments – that's why I am making this change' 

The blending plans were drawn up to allow EU competitivity with New World rose producers and would have only been allowed in the production of Table Wines. 

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