Will California Be Sold to The Highest Bidder By A Drug Addict Soon???

Will the Twitter change the face of politics?  Maybe in California because nobody really cares about the issues…  I once told a bartender at a restaurant that Arnold Schwarzneger was an imbecile and the governor.  He nodded his head and laughing said he loves Schwarzeneger's voice and while imitating him the bartender said he would vote for Schwarz because of his voice and does not care how stupid he is to be the governor.  This is the level of intelligence of the Californian public.  They are not people, they are children grown old.  They have more vices in their personal lives than any generation in history.  The prison industry has been one of the thriving economies thanks to their mindset.  Should they be allowed to vote?  No.  They should be treated like convicts and have no right to vote.  Democrats always complain that Republicans make the voting process harder and harder and it should be open to everyone.  The idea is valid but the everyone may not be qualified to vote.  They complain the registration process keeps many people from voting on the voting day but it also keeps most of the people who vote on a whim out.  They want illegal aliens to vote to have a say in their destiny.  If they did, how would they judge the candidates?  The candidate goes on TV and says "Ich bin Mexican" and he gets all their votes???  Twitter has been around since 2001 and has been a farce.  It continues to evolve and if ever becomes anything valuable, the big competition will copy the idea overnight and do it a hundred times better.  What does "keeping the filters out"  mean? Newsom tweets he is sitting on the John and the day is nice.  He is about to enter his car…blah blah.  What about the issues??? Do they get discussed in tweets.  I bet you everyone in Europe will laugh one day and say how stupid American people are that an idiot peasant from Austria is fit to be their leader and rob them of everything too and the public cheer him.  What will the future say about Newsom robbing the City of San Francisco and then moving on the State Capital???  If nothing is done about it, the public deserves whatever is said and this farce will go on forever unless the process is improved.  And that does not mean twitter.  What happened to the newspapers???  The big money decides to close down the Fifth State so tweeter decides the future.  And Newsom says "Nobody under thirty reads them anyway."  I was told the age ranges have moved and average lifespan is 84 years old and 30 is what 21 used to be.  Everyone I know agrees a local is not an adult (responsibilities?) until reaches 30s?  Newsom should be literally thrown out of the City Hall into the street to stop this disgrace.

from LAist by Lindsay William-Ross

SF Mayor Newsom models the iPhone (Photo viaEchelon)

California Governor-hopeful and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is part of a trailblazing trend: Politicians and social media. Along with current Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Golden State politicos are part of what is re-shaping the face of campaigns, according to an Associated Press report:

Online social networks are rapidly making traditional political advertisements obsolete, said veteran political strategist Joe Trippi, who used Internet fundraising to propel Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. The social networks are giving elected leaders like [Newark, NJ Mayor Cory] Booker and Newsom a new way to satiate the public’s hunger for transparency. “These are the first politicians to build considerable followings on Twitter, and they’re doing it by taking the filter out and showing people who they really are,” Trippi said of Booker and Newsom. “Twitter and these other social networks and new media demand authenticity. This is the future.”

Both Newsom and his NJ counterpart are doing well in the numbers–the Twitter numbers, that is. "As of Saturday, Newsom ranks ninth on Twitter among all elected officials carrying the 'political' tag, according to Twitterholic. Booker is 13th." On that list, the Governator is 10th, topped by President Obama, former Vice President Gore, and Senator John McCain.

But of all the Twitter users, Newsom is currently ranked a respectable 101st–putting him between pop diva Mariah Carey (95th) and socialite Paris Hilton (237th).

Will Twitter change the face of politics?


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