What If There Is Only One Universe???

What if?  Generally everyone believes there is only one universe but suspect of other dimensions or states for other beings such as ghosts, spirits, UFOs.  Basically, the physical universe gets the highest point and some doubts exist if that is the only universe.  Read this.  I would say it raises a good question but is a lousy article.  I just read a book "Interdimensional Universes" and it claims 26 dimensions exist in what we consider our world.  I know it is easy to push this aside but this book will change your perspective.  I listed to a radio interview with the author via youtube and the anchorperson claimed he read 130 books last year (i read more myself) and this book is one of top 3 books.  I have to say the same thing.  It is a very cool book about what if there is not one universe.  It will SCARE the LIVING DAYLIGHT out of you.  The real life accounts given are extremely scary.  You can find it around.  It is 2008 publication so read it.

Written by Brian Ventrudo


When it comes to universes, perhaps one is enough after all.

Many theories in physics and cosmology require the existence of alternate, or parallel, universes.  But Dr. Lee Smolin of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, explains the flaws of theories that suggest our universe is just one of many, and which also perpetuate the notion that time does not exist.  Smolin, author of the bestselling science book ‘The Trouble with Physics’ and a founding member of the Perimeter Institute, explains his views in the June issue of Physics World.

Smolin explains how theories describing a myriad of possible universes, or a “multiverse”, with many dimensions and particles and forces have become more popular in the last few years. However, through his work with the Brazilian philosopher Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Smolin believes that multiverse theories, which imply that time is not a fundamental concept, are “profoundly mistaken”.

Smolin says a timeless multiverse means our laws of physics can’t be determined from experiment.  And he explains the unclear connection between fundamental laws, which are unique and applicable universally, and effective laws, which hold based on what we can actually observe.

Smolin suggests new principles that rethink the notion of physical law to apply to a single universe.  These principles say there is only one universe; that all that is real is real in a moment, as part of a succession of moments; and that everything real in each moment is a process of change leading to future moments. As he explains, “If there is just one universe, there is no reason for a separation into laws and initial conditions, as we want a law to explain just one history of one universe.”

He hopes these principles will bring a fresh adventure in science.

If we accept there is only one universe and that time is a fundamental property of nature, then this opens up the possibility that the laws of physics evolve with time. As Smolin writes, “The notion of transcending our time-bound experiences in order to discover truths that hold timelessly is an unrealizable fantasy. When science succeeds, we do nothing of the sort; what we physicists really do is discover laws that hold in the universe we experience within time. This, I would claim, should be enough; anything beyond that is more a religious urge for transcendence than science.”


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