So Where Is ET Anyway???

I love the photograph but do not care much for the article.  You are welcome to read it anyway.  And if you care to read this, make sure you read the "Interdimensional Universe" that I mentioned in my previous blog post below.  I just love to know somebody else will be scared SH*&(*TLESS as I was.  You must read this book.  It is scary as hell for a science (fiction???) book.  I think the stuff makes sense and am glad I have never met any of the beings mentioned there.

Written by Brian Ventrudo


While having lunch with colleagues at Los Alamos National Labs in 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi mused about the likelihood of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the Universe.  Fermi, one of the most astute scientists of his day, thought the size and age of the Universe means many advanced civilizations should have already colonized the galaxy, just as humans colonized and explored the Earth.   But if such galaxy-wide extraterrestrial civilizations exist, he wondered, where are they?
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