Scan Your Books Into Google and Search Them Online

Google once tried to put every book there is online.  It sounded great and ambitious until they had a problem.  It is called the copyright laws.  They never stopped trying to expand their market reach and here is another way Google can HELP you.  You can scan your books (the identity information not the whole text) into google.  If they book has been digitized and is online via google, you can do your work online without access to your library.  I just gave about 300 books to the library mostly because they age and are of no use after a few years.  I guess this system would have kept them around for me in case something comes up and I have to look something up which is very unlikely but overall, I doubt if it serves a real purpose.  However, if it turns profitable and media-worthy we will be reading many articles about how great this idea is and many success stories soon.

from TechCrunch by Erick Schonfeld

One of the most useful, if often-overlooked, features of Google Book Search is the ability to enter your own books and create a personal library which you can then search if Google has scanned those books. (And chances are it probably has). If you are trying to find a passage or a factoid you once read but can’t remember the book no matter how hard you wrack your brain, the ability to search your personal library can come in handy. Except who wants to enter each book one at a time?

Now you can scan your books into your library on Google Book Search using a normal barcode scanner. I am not one hundred percent convinced that this is actually faster than simply typing in the title of the book and adding it to your library. It is faster than typing in the ISBN numbers, however, which is how Google Book Search handles mass imports.

But if we are willing to convert our entire CD collections to digital form, it is high time we started tackling our books. Right now, Google is merely matching your books with the books it has already digitized for search purposes only. But once they know what books you own in print, the next logical step is to sell you a digital version of the book and related books on the same topics or by the same author. Once Google collects a big enough book search history on you, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to recommend new books to you which are spot on. Knowing what books you’ve read, will certainly help them in that regard.

In the video below, Google’s Matt Cutts goes through the process of scanning your books into Google Book Search.



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