The True Value of Social Networks: 2009

Here is a fairly comprehensive article on the present value of the various social media.  Myspace has moved down and Facebook is up.  Do remember myspace targets teenagers and facebook traditionally targeted college students.  As college folks graduated and got older so did the facebook average age and eventually open to everyone.  Most of the population can head for facebook and not myspace.  Read and learn
by Michael Arrington

A year ago we modeled out the true value of various social networks based on the idea that users in high-value online advertising markets like Japan, the UK and the U.S. were worth more (financially speaking) than those in lower value online advertising markets. Facebook had recently become the largest worldwide social network in terms of users, but based on our model MySpace was still by far the most valuable social network.

We’ve now remodeled social network valuations based on current user numbers and Facebook’s most recent $10 billion valuation. The results are dramatically different.

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