Microsoft Wants New Term for Netbooks

This little clip is very interesting.  The idea of Netbook has been around for a decade since Psion invented Series 7 Netbook and now is becoming commonplace because laptops are too big and bulky and smartphones are too small and limited for online work.  Viola.  A great idea is born or an old one reused but the whole deal about Netbook has a lot of common sense.  Now comes the big establishment who cares not what the little person needs or hopes unless it affects the needs and wants of the big software.  Netbook is not a great idea because Microsoft OS has been getting bigger and bigger and that is the way to go.  Who is the user to decide?
from Engadget by Thomas Ricker
Having just wrestled the word "netbook" free from the legal grasp of Psion, Microsoft now wants to change the name of these low-cost slabs of white plastic riding Intel's Atom processor. Oh joy. Apparently unhappy with the choices of netbook, smartbook, MID (NVIDIA's definition, not Intel's), thin-and-light, and ultra-portable, Microsoft's preference is, are you ready, "low cost small notebook PC." Man, that flows like a sonnet. The new name proposed by Steven Guggenheimer, general manager of Microsoft's Application Platform & Development Marketing Division, is meant to reflect netbooks that do more than Internet browsing. What Steve-o doesn't say is that by creating a new product division above netbooks, Microsoft can require beefier versions of its Windows OS installed for higher profits on higher margins — especially now that they've dropped the three application limit from its entry-level Windows 7 Starter Edition. Hey Microsoft, if it's all the same to you, we're just fine with the term netbook thankyouverymuch. Given the near-universal positive press heaped on Windows 7 thus far, you'll be raking in the cash starting October 22nd, no need to shake us down, ok?
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