Airbus A380 makes landmark flight amid tragedy – Yahoo! News

PARIS (AFP) – The world’s biggest passenger jet, the Airbus A380, left Paris for an inaugural regular flight to Singapore on Tuesday but an air of tragedy displaced celebrations after an airline disaster on Monday.

The superjumbo took off from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris to return to Singapore, marking its first flight out of continental Europe to complete a return trip, but after one minute of silence instead of the planned ceremony.

The aircraft took off with almost every seat filled, and among the passengers were 35 members of the French national rugby team, travelling in business class for a tour of the Pacific region.

The team’s general manager Jo Maso told AFP: “It is a great honour to inaugurate this aircraft, adding that he was “not worried at all” after the accident on Monday, and that “air travel is one of the safest ways of travelling.”

They say a first impression lasts forever. Here is the death of Boeing 747 reign forever. Will the A380 be remembered as the top??? And, its image is etched today with the first impression of this flight. Yes but its image is twined with the memory of the missing A330. Wonder how much such a COINCIDENCE can be worth in travel money to the big industries and especially whom competes with Airbus. The 747 has such a clean image in everyone’s minds.


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