Roquefort Returns – A Love Letter to a Stinky Cheese – Slashfood

Posted May 21st 2009 3:00PM by Max Shrem
Filed under: Cheese, Newspapers, On the Blogs, France, Food News

Roquefort Cheese
Good news for Roquefort lovers!

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that increased tariffs on Roquefort have been dropped. The news comes as a relief to the many gourmands and cheese enthusiasts who were bracing for what could have been a frightening, extended period bereft of the luscious, pungent fromage bleu.

The tariffs that were initially going to be imposed on Roquefort were a retaliatory move in reaction to the European Union’s ban on hormone-treated beef. But after a provisional agreement, officials from the EU and the United States decided to drop both measures. So, while the U.S. removed threats of tariffs on Roquefort, the EU has gotten rid of bans on imported beef from the U.S.

Now, the Europeans have to eat the world famous American beef.


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