Nike Trainer 1 Launch and Sketches

I need some cross trainers. anyone else?


via Cool Hunting by Tim Yu on 5/19/09


The original Air Trainer (above left) debuted 20 years ago, but Nike finally unveiled the long-awaited update last week. Designed for the rigors of training and preparing for competition, the new Nike Trainer 1 (above right) is the lightest cross-trainer I’ve tried.

Inspired by world-class athletes like Bo Jackson, who played both Football and Baseball at an All-Star level, the Nike Trainer 1 is an update both aesthetically and functionally. A new sole features diamond grooves which claims to provide more flexibility and support through multi-directional movement. However, during a recent workout what I noticed most was its weight—or lack there of. When I think of training shoes, I remember heavy, clunky (albeit supportive) sneakers. A lacing system connected to the mid and forefoot combined with an inner sleeve make for a great fit, but it's the lightweight aspect that sets it apart for me.

Trainer1_bottoms.jpg Trainer1_Angle.jpg

Famed designer Tinker Hatfield shared some of his sketches from designing the original Air Trainer over 20 years ago. And designer Aaron Cooper provided us with a few sketches from the new Trainer 1 to further demonstrate the differences between the two. See both sketches and more images after the jump.


Available stateside on 1 July, 2009, look out for the new Trainer 1 at Nike for $90.


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