Mont Vivant – Cheese Course

This cheese looks great. I have to admit I am not a fan of goat cheese unless is very well made. However, it is, it has a good bite to it and a pleasure.


via Slashfood by Max Shrem on 5/19/09

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Mont Vivant

Pressed onto a baguette, crumbled over salads, or eaten straight, we can’t get enough of goat cheese in springtime.

This year, voluptuaries and gastronomes seeking a decadently rich and creamy goat’s milk cheese will go wild for Rainbeau Ridge Farm‘s Mont Vivant. Unlike other mold-ripened goat’s milk cheeses (like Selles sur Cher or Valençay), this offering from Bedford Hills, NY has an exquisite bloomy rind (unusual in goat's milk cheeses) that seems to impart a more complex and cakey texture, as if it were a cross between Valençay and Brie.

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