Voyij Finds Best Deals for Travelers with an Open Calendar [Travel]

This sounds like a great service. I couldn’t access the web site. I tried several times and it takes forever but does not load. Maybe it will for you.


via Lifehacker by Jason Fitzpatrick on 5/16/09

Sometimes your vacations are elaborate, months-long planned excursions. Other times, you just want to get out of Dodge as cheap and quick as possible. Voyij can help with the latter.

Tell Yoyij where you want to leave from and give it a rough time frame to work with. You can also search destinations and departure dates in a truly wide-open style if you’re adventurous, or narrow it with parameters like “next weekend” or “June”. Once Voyij has the basics, it searches for the best prices for airfare, hotel accommodations, and vacation package deals and brings them back. From there, you can refine the deal search and your whimsical mini-vacation with various filters, as seen in the screenshot above.

If you need more control than Voyij offers, make sure to check out the Hive Five on best travel search engines. Would you use an open-ended search (and a bit of luck) to plan your next vacation? Sound off in the comments below with your desires for adventure or horror at the lack of structured planning.

[via Mashable]


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