USPS Wants You to Put Your 2 Cents In: Rates Go Up Today

It is that time again. The rising cost of stamps is perpetual now. Nobody cares anymore. It is like paying attention to Space Shuttle liftoffs. Nobody does. The novelty is gone. At least, nobody goes postal any more. Let them keep the stamp prices high and their staff happy. I worked with a bartender once and he had a job in post office. He said post office is like prison. They have guards everywhere and work is so closely watched people are always stressed.


via LAist by Lindsay William-Ross on 5/11/09

Starting today it’s going to cost you more to snail mail your letters, cards, postcards and bills, reminds mailers. Today “the price of a first-class stamp will increase two cents to 44-cents. Forever stamps can still be used without an additional 2-cent stamp, regardless of when they were purchased.” Other changes include a bump of postcard stamps from “1 cent to 28 cents, the first ounce of a large envelope will increase 5 cents to 88 cents and the first ounce of a parcel will increase 5 cents to $1.22.” The rate increases are meant to help the Post Office cope with rising operational costs, and “are in line with the amount of inflation,” according to Postmaster General John Potter.

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