Taboo broken in US Middle East offensive

By Harvey Morris in New York

Published: May 10 2009 19:16 | Last updated: May 11 2009 09:42

A period of high-level diplomacy on the Middle East opens in New York on Monday, promising further insights into an emerging strategy from Barack Obama’s administration that is already raising concerns among Israel’s supporters.

On Monday, King Abdullah of Jordan said the US was promoting a “57-state solution” in which the entire Muslim world would recognise Israel. But he also warned that the new US administration had little time, before fresh violence erupted, to promote a two-state solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

US vice president Joe Biden
Setting the tone: US vice president Joe Biden

A US official last week broke a long-standing taboo by referring to Israel’s nuclear weapons in a speech at the United Nations, and Joe Biden, vice-president, delivered a message to the biggest US pro-Israel lobby group that he warned they were “not going to like”.


Anyway you look at it, the US government has changed. The English system was designed to maintain power for the minority in power and never change to favor others. The tremendous pressure from within the system has been explosive. Everyone on the outside can tell much is going on in the Federal Government. Obama was just a soft change in the system but US Fed is not obeying their special interest masters anymore. Israel is like China. US gives China favored trade status to have a chance fighting the EU. Chinese mass produce stuff keeping the small countries from developing industries and staying dependent. China is in big trouble without a huge guaranteed market. Israel is diplomatically and militarily a minute state without allegiance of US government. It is more bark than bite and cannot handle the weight of its expenses without US. A lot of resentment in the Government and even impotent politicians like Obama and Biden have to speak to show the tip of the iceberg. The truth is the Fed system can explode from inside and more people are in favor of blowing it in the direction that takes Israel’s status away since it caused all this trouble worldwide.


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