Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

What would the celebrities do without shallow trends?
Opera is on twitter. oooooo. Twitter was made for a person with IQ of a teenage girl. Celebrities put their names and endorsements on booze and wine. Anything for publicity.


via The Digest by Yennaedo Balloo on 5/11/09

Crystal HeadThere’s a wasteland of celebrity-endorsed liquors these days (50-Cent has a cognac, Willie Nelson has a whiskey, and Donald Trump has a vodka.) Recently, comedian Dan Akroyd has joined the ranks with a vodka that he personally helped produce and design. Crystal Head Vodka, which comes in a distinct, skull-shaped bottle, is inspired by the mythic quartz skulls that have supposedly been unearthed by archaeologists around the world. You know, the glowing alien heads from Indiana Jones 4?

Perhaps more interesting than the actual vodka: the online infomercial, hosted by Akroyd himself. The former SNL star spends the first 5 minutes of the 8 minute ad talking abut his all-too-real belief in alien and supernatural phenomena, and the importance of contemplating the alien world in our daily lives. Joke? You decide. When the vodka itself is finally mentioned (around, oh, minute six), it turns out its triple distilled (through diamonds, no less). Akroyd sums it up well: “This is a luxury vodka, in a cool bottle.”

Gimmick or not, the bottle is gorgeous. Bigger surprise: the vodka is darn good, with a subtle nuttiness and hints of vanilla. It’s tasty enough for sipping, but mild enough for mixed drinks. Crystal Head Vodka: $50 a bottle. Drinking out of a comedien-endorsed reproduction of a mythical alien head: priceless.


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