What’s Professional When It Comes to Social Media?

Posted at 6:05 PM

How much information is too much on the Web? What kind of information sharing is smart? And what is unprofessional? A month ago, I sat on a panel at Inc.’s Grow Your Company conference in Orlando, along with T3 founder Gay Gaddis, who puts together digital-marketing campaigns for large companies, and Dr. Christos Cotsakos, founder of Pennington Ventures and the former CEO of E-Trade. Both Cotsakos and Gaddis agreed that business owners should encourage their employees to go online and interact, on behalf of the overall enterprise, with colleagues, partners, and even customers. But Gaddis also offered a cautionary tale. Not long ago, Gaddis told the audience, one of her employees came to her and said, “I’ve been friended on Facebook by one of our clients. What should I do?”

Gaddis told the staffer that it was fine to accept the client’s friendship, and so she did.

This is a very good article though kind of broad in scope. When it comes to business social media is very dangerous territory for customers, employees and employers. Plenty of literature are out there and I won’t bother to write here. The worst example is business blog for small businesses. Once you get into a dialog with the wrong party, you are trapped. Remember each post on a business blog counts as a record and can be legally used in a dispute, etc. Also, social media feeds into the grapevine directly and no way stuff that rock the boat won’t come out. Got to have some criteria to damage-control or losses will pile up.


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