Coppola Winery Takes New Moniker | Articles | Cheers

Francis Ford Coppola announced that the name of his Sonoma winery will change from Francis Ford Coppola Presents Rosso & Bianco to the more concise Francis Ford Coppola Winery.  “We are just a few months away from finishing the new tasting room and restaurant.  For a place that is meant to be fun and family friendly, the name I originally chose was kind of unwieldy. So in advance of the opening of the new space this fall, I decided to call it the obvious — Francis Ford Coppola Winery.”

The winery has remained opened during the 2 years of redesign and renovation, with a temporary tasting room receiving visitors.  “I hope people will be delighted with the festive atmosphere and come and spend the day,” said Coppola.  “There will be many surprises for visitors and different experiences for tasting, learning about wine and dining.”  

Since acquiring the property in 2006, Coppola has introduced three collections of Sonoma appellation wines: FC Reserve, Director’s Cut and Director’s. 

Sounds like a winery now. It went from 6 words to 4 but anyone can remember it. Good job.

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