Amazing UFO filmed above Lahore, Pakistan – The Best Real UFO videos & news updated daily ufos video sightings aliens alien pictures

Ovni 92 Uploaded by tarpez666 – Explore more science videos. Amazing UFO filmed above Lahore, Pakistan Another one from all news web on the night of 27 April of this year in the skies above Lahore in Pakistan. In what might go down as the most dramatic UFO incident captured on film this year a massive craft described as the size of a sports field was seen and filmed (Below) doing manoeuvres that have been described as ‘not of this planet’. The “Mothership’ style UFO was undoubtedly seen by countless residents and many reports of the event can be read on the internet. One local blogger who saw the UFO writes: ‘It was as big as 5 cricket fields, even bigger. An airplane passed under it which will make you understand the immense size of this thing. It hovered really slowly over Cantonment and DHA area then disappeared into the sky in a flash. Everyone in my street saw it and many people made videos too. When we had the army over they just said it wasn’t anything to worry about, it was probably flares. I never seen flares in my life manoeuvre around the sky in unison with each other and then go in to space within a second. I never believed in aliens before but now, I sure do.’

It is about time that the aliens start to get rid of the inhabitants of this planet. Everyone on Earth, especially the higher the ladder you go, is lying about everything including any possibility of ET existence. I personally don’t care but man’s history has been nothing but b.s. and lies while doing giant acts of evil in the name of who knows what. It’ll be great if any kind of intervention takes place to clean up the planet from the humans even it means using them for alien experiments.


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