More Dubious Lawsuits: Gallo Picks on Small Retailer

Maybe they could have just the guy to take it off. A lot of people would or Gallo can buy his stock and he orders something else. You can get a lot done being polite. However, if you are greedy, you know lawsuits can get you a lot of PR. Not everyone knows this but statistics-wise bad PR and good PR are almost the same. This one is a great story to bring Gallo's name up the list of marketers into the media. And people will buy Gallo's sh@$@#t.

2009_05_spanishtable.jpgThe Wolfgang Puck lawsuit might still take this week's prize for comedic achievement in a lawsuit, but Gallo Winery is doing its best to match the ridiculousness. The seminal winery put Sonoma on the map, so to speak, and according to the infallible Wikipedia, Gallo is currently the largest exporter of California wines. With that in mind, Gallo is suing a small Seattle retailer and its owner—the quaint-looking fellow pictured to the right, nervously holding his hands like Thomas Kellerfor simply selling a Spanish brand of pasta called Gallo:

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