How to Work Better With Generation Y

NEW YORK (Fortune) — Dear Annie: Once again this year I’ve been put in charge of our division’s summer internship program, and to be honest, I’m dreading it. I’m not a big fan of generalizations about entire generations – I’m a Boomer and never feel like the stereotypes describe me – but I find “millennials,” a.k.a. Generation Y, just baffling.

For one thing, they seem both overly ambitious and not ambitious enough. For instance, last year, one very bright and talented intern asked me how long it had taken me to get to my level in the company (14 years), then said he could do it in half the time. Yet he wasn’t a hard worker and left on the dot of five every single day, no matter what was going on. I did my best to try and explain the connection between effort and advancement, but I doubt that it sunk in.


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