Grading Obama – Chris Moscicki (1) –

100 Days grade: C
Inauguration Day grade: C
I am concerned about: Stopping foreclosures

Sadly, I think Obama is a lot of talk, a lot of rhetoric. He can read a speech real well, but I’m not impressed. I wasn’t expecting him to move the world in 100 days, but he talked a big game. Now I realize it was just talk. Anybody can read a teleprompter.

I do think Obama is better than what we had, and I voted for Bush. But he keeps dumping money at things. I remember an economics professor saying whenever you throw money at a problem, you’re just putting a Band-Aid on it.

Nothing’s changed with foreclosures. Personally my loan has been in review for 60 days, and they can still turn it down. Obama needs to stop foreclosures, period. He raised this huge fist with GM and Chrysler – and rightfully so — but he needs to do that with the banks.

Obama does have some people thinking more positively, but that’s about all he’s done. I didn’t vote for him, but I’m trying to give him support.

He needs probably six months to make a difference. In his defense, this was a monster. It’s like a snake that keeps growing more heads. We’ll see what happens.


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