One Opinion On Twitter Numbers

I read an article about the twitter feature that shows how many people follow a person.  I think if they remove it and that was the title of the article will go out of business overnight.  

When I had first finished college and moved to San Francisco, I took many self-development courses and one was a two-day workshop about becoming a movie producer.  One interesting thing I learned there was Hollywood is a bunch of b.s and it is 99% marketing.  The only things that work in Hollywood marketing are either: 1. a name or 2. a number.  That is why movies are associated with star names, director names and so on.  The other thing is numbers expressed mostly in money:  The opening weekend sales.  The salary of star.  The overall movie sales.  Those are the only things that can be marketed.  The cost of a movie, for example, is 3/4 marketing budget and the rest actual expenses of producing it.  That includes all advertising, bribes and whatsoever.  That number has value and has to get big. Period. is one of the most worthless softwares I have ever seen and I use it myself regularly. What makes it go and hot is not the updates and the followups but the fact that the person's ego can be enlarged by having a whole bunch of people following it.  One can have 10000 following which means nothing and most never read his inputs but feeds his ego like crazy.  Now, the politicians measure their support by the size of this fake number .  The celebrities are getting on because the combination of the name and a huge number is great for marketing purposes.   
I think will find its place as an online fraud sooner or later.  A simple social software that serves a hidden need of no value.  It is fabulous hype.

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