Notes From Italy: What To Eat During A Blackout

by Alison Baenen
on 04/23/09 at 12:57 PM

SunsetWe found ourselves without electricity the other night at San Polino, which, along with the considerable number of people gathered for dinner (11, at last count) made for an ad-hoc party.

Champagne was unearthed from the cellar ("The good thing about making wine is that you get really great wine as gifts."). Candles were found; holders were fashioned from potatoes; and more logs were thrown on the fire.

There's something about a blackout that brings out people's pioneering spirits, and no one seemed to mind that we'd all gone without showers that day (hot water being one of the outage's casualties) or that particular elements of dinner were indeterminable until eaten. For dessert we dipped strawberries in cream and rolled them in sugar, the consensus being there was no sense in letting the cream sit in the busted fridge. It might take a few days before we're back on the grid, which, while it has made putting these posts up harder than usual, really hasn't bothered anybody.


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