This blog has moved in the blogesphere but there is hope for you yet….

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE FINDING THE NEW BLOG, YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR BRAIN ( HINT–YOU CAN EMAIL WORDPRESS TO ASK HOW TO FIND an anonymous MIRROR BLOG–DAAAAA) if not, you can GO TO BLOGROLL ON THIS BLOG AND FIND BLOGLINES BLOG–I PROMISE TO KEEP bloglines blog UPDATED SO YOU have access to article lists if you cannot find the new blog…When I started this blog three months ago, it was only a tool to help me learn WordPress interface quickly to apply to my other blogs that had moved here from  Since then this blog has found its own voice and grown to be more than a collection of news articles.  As in every blog, comments and commentaries are an integral part of the blogging process and the diversity of the news articles and posts create an atmosphere in which conversations flows easier if parties are anonymous. 

I hate to disappoint the 54 to 120 (now between 400 to 600 snce no new posts!!!weird?) daily readers but the Manila Folder has now moved elsewhere on WordPress, changed its name and is anonymous…..It was good blogging with you.  Some of you are smart enough to find it easily through WordPress.  Adious

P.S. I am making a separate blog for the fine scam emails I receive.  They make for a nice collection of creative writing samples written to scam innocent people.  You can contribute the ones you receive there.  I have to admit if I let the scam emails through the Spamguard, I will have tons daily to post to the blog but cannot do that.  Therefore, you have to settle for one or possible two daily that get through.  Enjoy and Beware

(Note:  This is a first draft.  No time to edit.)



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