Zagat’s new Bay Area guide spotlights values

Zagat’s new Bay Area guide spotlights values

Miriam Morgan        Sunday, February 22, 2009

A new pocket guide from Zagat has just hit bookstores, highlighting value dining in San Francisco and Wine Country.

Notation:  I dropped by Border’s and checked a copy of the guide:  It is tiny and thin but the contents are okay  I pondered whether $1.99 or$2.99 was the right value for the guide. I think $1.99 is fair and definitely not the $5.99 cover price but $2.99 is more likely to happen online or on sale.  Hint: You will do much better visiting and check the bargain deal list rather than buying this thing.

“Zagat San Francisco Dining Deals” compiles Zagat editors’ 241 choices for the best values from the company’s 2009 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant guide published last September. While the selections aren’t necessarily outright bargains, the Zagat folks consider them top values.

Included are 12 places offering prix-fixe dinners for $40 or less, and several offering $30 prix-fixe lunches. The Top Chef Bargains category features more casual ventures from well-known chefs, such as the Sentinel from Dennis Leary, Out the Door from Charles Phan and Mijita from Traci Des Jardins.

Other categories are traditionally lower-priced fare, such as burgers and noodles.

The guide is $5.95 in Bay Area bookstores or from

via Zagat’s new Bay Area guide spotlights values.


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