Tell Me Your Tipping Stories!

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I am looking to interview individuals working in the professions listed below. Even if you are not in the geographic area I’ve specified, I’d still love to talk to you. The people I interview can remain as anonymous as they wish!  If you or someone you know works in the occupations I’ve listed, please contact me at Readers! If they’re are any “tipped” professions you’d like me to cover in my new book, please leave a suggestion in the comments section.

If you or someone you know owns or operates a hotel anywhere on the West Coast, Boston, or Chicago that employs maids, doormen, and bellhops, Please email me!

Bellhops (anywhere)

Hotel and Motel Maids (anywhere)

Hair Salon Owners! – Memphis, Tennessee! (Very specific here!)

Sex Workers – Las Vegas, NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami.

Taxi Drivers – Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, or Chicago.

Limo Drivers – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York City area.

Diner Waitress – Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, Colorado, or Wyoming

Sky Caps – All major NYC or LA airports

Furniture Deliverymen – Portland, Oregon. NYC, Chicago

Professional Movers – New York Area, Chicago, Dallas, Houston.

Coat Check Attendants – NYC, Los Angeles, Portland, Miami

Bathroom Attendants (restaurant or nightclubs) – NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia

Car Wash Attendants (if you work or own a car wash, please contact me!) New York Area, Los Angeles, Miami.

Golf Caddies – Florida, Georgia, or the Carolinas (Hilton Head?)

Charter Boat Fishermen – Florida, San Diego or anywhere, actually!

Cruise Line employees!

Employees at “all inclusive resorts.” (Please call Club Hedonism!)

French Waiters – that’s right, from France!

Car Valets – Los Vegas and Los Angeles

Cigar Waiters (NYC or anywhere!)

Cocktail Waitresses – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago. (Will that young woman I met from the Pink Elephant in NYC drop me a line?)

Starbucks Baristas – Anywhere in the US!

Water Taxi Driver– Miami

UPS Drivers – NYC area.

Take Out Deliverymen (Pizza Delivery, Chinese, Sushi, whatever) – New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland.

Thanks for your help everybody! 

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