Cocktails Worth a Thousand Pictures

Annabelle Breakey

As the second part of our series of guest food bloggers, 7×7 welcomes food stylist Katie Christ. Katie worked as Culinary Producer for the first season of Top Chef and in 2008, she won the first ever Food Network Challenge for food stylists. Tune in to get a taste of Katie’s inspirations as she eats and drinks her way through our fair city.

In celebration of my birthday month, I’ve been ordering up drinks around town. I do my best to keep up on food and drink trends, so in the name of bona fide food styling ‘research,’ I went out exploring and found a few treasures:

During that glorious and disturbing summery weather patch, I sought out a little something frosty and found the Boston Swizzle at Nettie’s Crab Shack. Made with bourbon, citrus and grenadine, it’s not only my new favorite spiked snow cone, the condensation on the metal julep cup just begs for a message or design to be carved into it. I’m looking forward to having a little condensation graffiti fun for the camera soon.

By Katie Christ


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