More on Internet Access in South America….

The following is a reply post to an earlier post about Nova OS

The original Nova Post


The reply is more informative than the original article so I posted it here.  I also recommend to the person replying to read the brief article again before becoming angry over its angle. 

Icar Po said, on February 16th, 2009 at 8:02 am (Edit) In your “My News Clips” about Cuba Linux Nova you said “Cubans earn an average 17-20 dollars a month, and most use a computer only at their workplace or school. Access to the Internet is expensive and in the Americas’ only communist state, restricted. Open-source software allows people to reproduce it as many times as they like, unlike other popular software such as Microsoft’s Windows.” Firstly: Every thing is relative at cost of life, 17-20 dollars a month, in Cuban Pesos, with no rent/mortgage for house, no education or medical fees, etc (the list is very long) you can do more than minimum gages wherever you are. Secondly: Access to Internet was restricted by the US embargo and you are late in news, with the new LA satellite, access is faster and wide accessible than in the US. Computers supplied by China and assembled in Venezuela are more accessible than ever. Brazil has already its own version of Linux (Connectiva) and helped troubled Mandrake to stay alive with the strategic alliance “Mandriva”. Peru and Venezuela, by law, governmental offices run Open software. Even Guatemala has its own Maya Open Source software. By the way, Mayan Calendar was the first computer in the continent called America. So, before you comment on LA business, you should read more about LA. Et si tu parles français tu comprendras VTFE cnard …


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