The Origins of “My News Clips” Blog…..


I have finally made it.

When I first started My Week SF blog I was forced to use and could hardly do anything of good quality.  I had to improve my skills with and made an auxiliary blog so I could experiment with the interface and learn the   What I had not expected was that in time both blogs matured and stayed until moved to  (, (

It didn’t take a long time to outgrow the and now I was forced to migrate to  Everything I had been told about was true including its unfriendly user interface. This time I figured out what to do to master the interface quickly:  I created this news article blog on to use interface actively and become proficient.

Today, I have  come  to like my news article blog so much that I update it daily. And I have finally learned enough to go back to  Week in San Francisco blog again after a hiatus and continue posting.  This time I am on the powerful platform of and should stay here for a long time.


See Week In SF blog


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