Britney Spears to take her children on tour…for a price

Britney Spears will now be allowed to take her kids with her on her upcoming concert tour, for a price.


According to a leaked document signed by Spears and K-Fed, Spears will have to pay $5,000/week to K-Fed and hand deliver the payment in crisp one dollar bills to the bowling alley or strip club of K-Fed’s choice. Although Britney is allowed to bring her kids on tour with her, she has to adhere to a strict visitation schedule that has been ironed out by the courts since last year. According to court documents, Britney gets custody of her three children three days and nights a week, every other month except for March and April. In March, Britney has visitation rights every other day and nights on the days that K-Fed has custody. In April, custody rights are determined by a coin flip. Our sources say that both Spears and K-Fed are happy with the arrangement “because it gives their children a normal life”. -Benjamin Carrico

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