Octo Mom Hits the Internets

Lest you forget, it all comes down to L-O-V-E. But some money wouldn’t hurt, either

It was bound to happen: Whittier’s “Octo Mom” Nadya Suleman has her own website.

Set up by her PR team, the Killeen Furtney Group, the site is using photos culled from Suleman’s Today Show interview, and seems to be focused mostly on brokering donations of money or items to help out the single mom of 14. Suleman, who has been supported financially via her parents, student loans, disability payments, and food stamps, is hopeful that people will donate money and goods to help her care for her large family, and is eager to use the media to tell her story.

Although the site offers the option to “leave a comment or well wishes for Nadya and her family” the guest book is not viewable; a prudent choice, since Suleman, and her Beverly Hills-based in vitro fertilization doctor, have come under much scrutiny following the January 26th birth of her 7-14th children.

Suleman’s website isn’t the first time the internet has been a place to profess your allegiance when it comes to “Octo Mom,” though.

If you’re on Facebook, you might already belong to one of these groups: 1,000,000 Strong, What Nadya Suleman (Octuplet Mom) did was totally WRONG (1,143 members); Somebody Needs 2 Kick Nadya Suleman In The VaJaJa! (59 members); 1 Million against Nadya Suleman (octuplets mother)! (52 members); Outraged by Nadya Suleman (38 members); Nadya Suleman needs her cooter sewn shut (7 members); STOP Idiot Moms Like Nadya Suleman (17 members); US citizens reporting Nadya Suleman to CA childrens services! (5 members); Don’t give Nadya Suleman, the mom of the Octuplets, Any Money! (17 members); Nadya Suleman should be beaten and forcibley sterailized! (sic) (7 members).

Or one of these groups: Supporting Nadya Suleman & the Octuplets! (13 members); Nadya Suleman – Octuplets Mother (91 members); Leave Nadya Suleman (Octuplet Mom) Alone! (13 members); Nadya Suleman Supporters (25 members)

Or, maybe this one: Let’s Raise $1,000,000 for Nadya Suleman (to star in a porn) (2 members). (Good luck with that, by the way.)


One response to this post.

  1. the good news is Victor Munoz is likely to profit more off of this fiasco than Nadya Suleman, as his lawyers are going to shred through that confidentiality agreement tomorrow and then we will get ALL THE DIRT! Yay!



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