Steam Pouring Out of Alaska’s Mount Redoubt

 Feb 9, 2009ANCHORAGE, Alaska  —  Steam is pouring out of Mount Redoubt, an Alaskan volcano geologists fear could erupt at any time.

Scientists collected gas samples from the mountain while checking for signs of an eruption.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory says a steam plume was again spotted Saturday coming from above the 7,000-foot level near a dome that formed after the last Redoubt eruption in 1990.

• Click here for more photos.

Two weeks ago, the observatory noted a sharp increase in earthquakes underneath the mountain and warned nearby residents that an eruption could be imminent.

Magma moving up the mountain has warmed rock and created an opening in the earth that emits gases and steam. The activity has melted holes in Drift Glacier, which partly covers the mountain on its north side.


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