See-Through Frogs Discovered – Yahoo! News – Tue Feb 3, 3:33 pm ETTen newfound species of amphibians – including a frog with spiky skin and three varieties of frogs with transparent skin – have been discovered in the mountains of Colombia.

The new species were found on a recent expedition led by herpetologists from Conservation International and ornithologists from the Ecotrópico Foundation in Colombia’s mountainous Tacarcuna area of the Darien, near the border with Panama.

Over a period of three weeks, the scientists identified approximately 60 species of amphibians, 20 reptiles and almost 120 species of birds, many of them apparently found nowhere else in the world.

Of the 60 documented amphibians, the potentially new species include three glass frogs of the Nymphargus, Cochranella and Centrolene genera; three poison dart frogs in the Dendrobatidae family (Colostethus, Ranitomeya and Anomaloglossus genera); one harlequin frog of the Atelopus genus; two species of rain frogs of the Pristimantis genera; and one salamander of the Bolitoglossa genus.

Colombia holds one of the most diverse amphibian communities in the world, with 754 species currently recorde

via See-Through Frogs Discovered – Yahoo! News.


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