BBC NEWS Health Baby boomers; hit by sex cancers

‘Baby boomers’ hit by sex cancers

Sexual “liberation” may have fuelled cancer rates

The arrival of the “swinging sixties” may have heralded a rise in sexually-transmitted cancers, say researchers.

Rates of anal, vulval and vaginal cancers rose for “baby boomers” born in the decades after the Second World War.

The culprit, said the King’s College London study, is the human papillomavirus (HPV), acquired during sex.

Changes in sexual habits may be responsible, the British Journal of

Cancer reported.

These results have revealed a snapshot of just how much rates of these cancers have increased in the post war generations

Dr David Robinson

King’s College London

HPV has been implicated in a number of cancers, including cervical, anal, vulval, vaginal and penile.

Some estimates suggest that up to three out of four people will be infected with it at some point in their lives, although the immune system is normally able to destroy it.

However, if an infection is persistent, it may cause cells to become cancerous.

The King’s College London study, using figures from a cancer database, suggests that rates of some of these cancers rose quickly for the generations born in the 1950s and 1960s.

There has been a steady rise in anal cancer rates over that period in both men and women, but with women born i

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